This is a procedure where a sclerosant is injected into a vein using ultrasound guidance. This confirms correct needle placement and flow of medication. This treatment is used in conjunction with endovenous ablation. Patients who receive a combination of ablation, ultrasound guided sclerotherapy and phlebectomy typically have significantly better relief of symptoms than patients who merely receive one treatment modality. Patients who receive the benefit of these three treatment methods in combination can expect much higher vein closure rates and longer lasting results. This is because both large AND small diseased veins are treated leaving only healthy veins.

For training in Ultrasound Guided Sclerotherapy Dr. Sussman and a certified Registered Vascular Technician will come to your office for the day. You wi llbe given an informal lecture specific to ultrasound guided sclerotherapy. Then you will be trained on the procedure in your office on your patients. You will receive guidance on how to schedule patients for ultrasound guided sclerotherapy prior to the treatment day.

Program Content- you will receive training in the following:

1) Understanding the indications and contraindications for ultrasound guided sclerotherapy

2) Knowing what Items and sclerosants are utilized for ultrasound guided sclerotherapy

3) The basic principles of ultrasound guided sclerotherapy

4) Becoming familiar with the rationale for ultrasound guided injection

5) Appropriately performing ultrasound guided injections: how and where to inject

6) Understand methods of USG sclerotherapy: liquid and foam

7) Understanding the importance of ultrasound for diagnosing and treating venous disease

8) Summarizing pre- and post care instructions for ultrasound guided sclerotherapy

9) Anticipating, avoiding, evaluating and treating complications

Target Audience:
The ultrasound guided sclerotherapy training is formatted especially for Physicians (M.D. and D.O.)

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