CERTIFICATION While our training offers the latest information and effective treatment protocols, proficiency in the procedure learned requires a thorough understanding of the training syllabus and practice of the procedure over time. Completion of the course and the rewarding of CME credits in no way grants any guarantee or certification by DOC 2 DOC TRAINING of the enrollee's skills in performing the procedure. However, physician phone support is available for 4 weeks after the last office visit by Dr. Sussman.

USE OF FORMS AND MATERIALS Use of the office forms and syllabus are bound by the following agreement: I understand that I have limited rights for the use of the information contained in the download and other materials. All forms, manuals and photos are for use only by the course registrant and may not be transferred or resold. No forms or photos may be mass-distributed to the general public or published over the Internet. All sample forms are starting guidelines. Some forms including, but not limited to, consents and patient cost estimates may not be legal in your state. I understand that these forms do not constitute legal advice and I hold DOC 2 DOC TRAINING and/or Rachel Sussman, DO harmless from any legal action against me or losses as a direct or indirect result of the use of these forms. I understand that I will not use any consent or patient contract forms in my practice until I have had them reviewed by an experienced attorney in my state.

CHANGES IN TRAINING DATE AND PRICING DOC 2 DOC TRAINING reserves the right to change, without notice, the course and or training outlines as well as tuition costs printed in any brochure or advertisement. Once you have purchased the training and received or gained access to any materials, there are no refunds.

PROCEDURE TRAINING-ADDITIONAL ATTENDEES Training is intended for no more than 2 registrants. Additional attendees (up to a maximum of 5 total) will be required to pay $500.00 per person.

CANCELLATION BY ATTENDEE No refunds will be given for a course once a paid registration/order is made. This is because certain forms will be distributed immediately and we do not sell the package a la carte. You are required to schedule a training day within three months of payment in order to avoid forfeiture of you payment. DOC 2 DOC TRAINING is not responsible for weather delays, acts of God, labor disputes, hospital emergencies or other circumstances beyond our control which might disrupt your ability to attend the training you scheduled. If you choose to have Dr. Sussman come to your office to treat your spider vein patients you must have a minimum of 4 patients. This is why we highly recommend the practice of pre-payment from your patients. If you are not present for spider vein training, Dr. Sussman will treat scheduled spider vein patients at your office with your permission.

PHOTOGRAPHY AND RECORDING Absolutely no photography, video, or audio recording of this course or hands-on session is allowed.

PRIVACY POLICY We respect your privacy. DOC 2 DOC TRAINING will never sell your name or contact information to any other third party. However, we retain the right to use images of your patients although absolute confidentiality will be maintained.

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