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One-On-One Full Day Hands On Training

No Travel, Course Taught In Your Office

Up To 7 CME Credits

Board Certified Physician Also Certified In Phlebology

Sample Procedure Forms

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Succinct and Comprehensive Training Course Syllabus
Millions of Americans have spider and varicose veins. If you just start inspecting your patients for spider veins, visible varicose veins and/or cutaneous signs of underlying venous insufficiency you will be surprised at how commonly these patients present to your office. Patients may not have visible varicosities but typically have symptoms due to varicose veins that are not visible to the naked eye. Physicians in primary care and numerous specialties are currently treating these cosmetic and medical patients. Visual sclerotherapy/ cosmetic treatment of spider veins and/or medically necessary treatment of varicose veins are typically not taught during residency. However, there is a tremendous demand for these services and opportunity to cultivate improved self confidence and satisfaction for patients. Medical treatment of varicose veins is covered by most insurance. You don't have to send these venous patients to someone else- you and your patients can derive the benefits together.

Doc 2 Doc Training has eliminated the need for you to travel and the awkward practice requiring you to bring your patient or volunteer to a training location with multiple other attendees. Training and didactics will be provided at your office.

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